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bandmates (ft. HUNJIYA)

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Written, Produced and Performed by Naji & HUNJIYA
Additional Production by ROMderful

℗ 2024 MDSH Records, a division of MDSH, LLC.





I went bananas

Faded with Fanta

Met her on tour

Yeah, Copacabana

Out of that time zone

I been on tandem

Wishing you well

Now you in Atlanta

I'm looking splendid

You lookin candid

I'm here for business

What about you, mami



I’m not looking for much 

Not here for too long 

I’m going home 

I gotta catch a flight

Only got one night 

I’ll stay till the encore

Then i’ll say goodbye 



Can you tell me why

Why why why bye

You got here at 4 something, shawty

On the last show 

Got you on the world tour, shawty


And now you on a first name

basis with my bandmates

Ya got my merch on eBay

And copped the keychain too



Oh, I'm at the back door

Standing with your manager, I 

Blame the alcohol

Got Pepcid for my asian glow


When I’m alone 

I sing your songs

But they’re just songs to me e-e-e



Ay, but you comin’ along

Every single night

Like, what you going for

If it’s not for somebody


If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong

But I’m sensing something more


And If I’m off track

Well, that’s too bad



So if you wanna be with me 

Bring me to the next city 


Don’t wanna be a groupie 

Gotta be part of the band 

Lemme sing your songs

Lemme lemme see the fans


If I give you a chance

(If you give me a chance)

Can i be in your band

(You could be in my band)

If i give you a chance 

(Gimme gimme a chance)

Let me be in your band



Hmm hmm

Uh ok, shawty

I see the plan

Hit up on me crazy

Make a boi your fan

It’s too bad


You’re not my lady

(Not my lady)

But I’m still the fam

Tell you what

We on Route 80

Grabbin’ snacks

And you could pull up


(Uh huh)

Lemme run through my checklist quick

She could run with the crew, too slick

Made a good gumbo last week

Ok ok ok ok


Put the boys onto good cinema

She the top candidate, no lie

That’s fire

I don’t mind, mind

Cause we get better with time



Stayin’ up

At the show

On the tour  

Everything goes


So can you roll with that

Can you roll with me?

Can you roll like that?



If I give you a chance, ooh

(Give me a chance)

You could be in the band

(Give me a chance)

Yeah, girl, If i give you a chance, ooh ooh

(Give me a chance)

Would you be in the band

(Give me a chance)



Would you

(Give me a chance)

Would you

Would you be in my band

(Give me a chance)

(Give me a chance)

(Give me a chance)

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