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Doki Doki Vox Pack

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Naji's Doki Doki Vox Pack is a delicious sample/acapella pack from your titular friend, filled with smooth grooves, crisp tones, and a touch of magic, made almost exclusively from his mouth!

Whatcha get in the pack:

- 24 Acapella Samples
- 15 Mouth Percussion Samples
- 9 Ad-Libs
- 12 Bonus FX, Sounds & Loops
-10 Homemade Reverb Impulses

Free Convolution Reverb plugin for Ableton Live included!***

(For the big number fans, that's 70+ Sounds & Tools!)

All labeled with key and BPM information right in the sample titles, too, because Naji gets you. Naji loves you.

***Ableton Live Suite (Intel Version ONLY) + Max For Live 6 or later needed for included plugin.