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Mix & Master by Naji™️

Can't get a good mix?

Room trash? Speakers too?

Wanna get mixes that kinda sound like Frank Ocean & SZA made a baby?


Naji is an Grammy Award-Waiting Mix & Master Engineer, ready to make your Singles, EPs & Albums sound pretty dang spectacular.

If you're looking for that Naji sound, then look no farther than the man who mixed everything himself!

What To Expect

Main Mix, Instrumental + Acapellas

Each Song Gets:

Mix-Level .wav/.aiff
Master-Level .wav/.aiff
Master-Level .mp3 (320kbps, CBR)
    *.wavs/.aiffs are rendered with 48KHz Sample Rate & 24-Bit Resolution unless otherwise specified.

      Optional Services

      Stemmed Out Tracks
      Performance Versions
      96KHz / 32-Bit Archival Versions
      Clean Versions
      Expedited Service (Deliverables within 24 hours upon receipt of all mix stems)
      Dolby Atmos Mastering
      MFiT Mastering



        Add this item to your cart, and I'll coordinate with you via email on the pricing for the songs/projects you're looking for!

        50% of order is due before the start of any work.

        The remaining 50% will be due upon completion of work!

        Final files will be only transferred over once any dues have
        been totally received.

        All payments are calculated and to be made in US Dollars ($USD).


        Accrued Fees

        +10% of song total for every major revision* after included revisions
        +5% of order total for every day late after invoice due date
        +2% of song for every additional track added or replaced after 1st Mix has been sent
          (*Major Revision = Any mix changes requiring 30 minutes or longer of billable work)


          Delivery Time

            3-5 Days / Song

            2 days of mixing/mastering
            1-3 for feedback & tweaks


            Sound good?