Naji About Me Headshot


Naji, a music artist, musician and mix engineer began his musical journey as a drummer before a transformative moment in 2015 redirected his path. Inspired by a vivid dream featuring a potato, he embraced a new direction as a solo vocalist and producer. His debut single, "Baked Potatoes," unexpectedly received high praise, marking the onset of a more contemplative and mature phase in his songwriting and singing career.


In 2016, Naji collaborated with producer Glasstempo on the emotionally evocative single, "Fallen." This release caught the attention of major platforms and labels such as Majestic Casual, Soulection, Lyrical Lemonade, and Pigeons and Planes. This recognition firmly positioned Naji as a prominent figure in the realm of Indie R&B.


Boasting a portfolio of over 200 collaborative projects, including the renowned track "Mona Lisa" produced alongside Grammy-nominated artist monte booker, Naji's impact expanded further with the launch of his debut album, "Misfit." Notably, he introduced a live-drum sample pack titled "Mr. Drummer Boy," acclaimed and utilized by industry luminaries such as Giveon, Labrinth, JID, Kenny Beats, D-Mile, DEAN, and more.


Despite a hiatus between 2019 and 2022 for artistic rebranding and refinement, Naji's collective projects and production contributions amassed an impressive 400,000,000+ streams. Currently, he is immersed in crafting his Sophomore album, harnessing a refined perspective garnered from his diverse experiences.