Fallen - Naji.Land


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Written & Performed by Naji

Produced by Howle

Additional Production by Naji


℗ 2016 Thousand Story


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    If you were me

    Why would I reply?


    (Verse 1)

    There's a wall that I cannot tear down

    And I can't touch the ground

    All the sights and the sounds

    They surround me


    And you

    Tell me that you need me to

    Need me to love you, hold you

    Feel you, be you

    So I say


    Why are you in front of me?

    Can't I just move around?

    Why are your hands so cold and lonely?


    Why do I need help from you?

    I never asked for this

    Can't I just keep my bliss

    And go my own way


    (Verse 2)

    So don't forget to drop off all your baggage

    You don't need it, don't need it

    You're a town away from damage now

    (Just move on)


    Let me show you

    I'm supposed to let you fall


    And now I'm scared to grow

    You say "I told you so"

    Is there more to know?


    Now I can't trust the darkness of my own skin

    Don't make me trust the unknown that I've fallen in



    Said I'm fallin'

    I said I'm fallin'

    I said I'm fallin'

    I'm fallin'


    It's all okay, it's all okay (16x)



    Man: Okay. Alright. What do you see in your future? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?


    Woman: Five years from now? Well, I hope to be in England with Oli. Um, I would like to be married, own a home, have my own bakery, be producing wedding and event cakes, and be comfortable, but happy. You know what I mean? Like, not working comfortable, but with a job you hate. Like, I don't wanna be rolling in the dough, I just wanna have a job that I like, and then come home to the man I love, probably a dog... That's where I wanna be. Kids eventually


    Man: And, like, does any of that, does anything about your future scare you?


    Woman: Of course it does. Everything does. The whole universe scares me, but, you know... Um, It's like in "Winnie the Pooh", you know? Piglet was really afraid of something, and he goes "suppose lightning hits this tree, ya know, and it catches on fire!" And Pooh just goes, "suppose it doesn't."


    Man: Hmm


    Woman: So, you know, things could go wrong, it could be difficult, there could be hardships, but... maybe not. The only way you're gonna know is if you go for it