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Fight for it

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Written & Performed by Naji

Produced by Stevedoesmusic


℗ Thousand Story 2023


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    Yeah yeah yeah

    Uh uh uh


    Ho-ho-ho ho-ho-ho

    Ho-ho-ho ho-ahh-ahh



    Aw, not the kind I had in mind, that's alright

    Now where you come (ah-ah)

    Where you come from?


    Like, am I too cool for love or something?

    Blowing up plans?

    Giving it gas?


    Yeah, I don't even know you

    But I know that I been working for you

    Dang it girl, I li-li-li-like you


    It's crazy 'cause

    I know that I care

    I'm just a little scared of you



    I know you're not hard to love

    I'm just a boy full o' paranoia

    Oh, I could be your king, your friend

    If I learn how to fight like a lover, yeah



    Fight like a lover




    Ah-ooh, that's all, now that's all

    Ho, oh, that's all, all

    Ah-ah-ah, oh

    Ay, that-that’s all

    Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah


    Guess I need to go, go, go

    Aah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah

    Hoo-hoo, oh-ooh-hoo, ooh-ooh-hoo