cover art for Naji's single, I'll make it better.

I'll make it better

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Written & Performed by Naji

Produced by Naji

Additional Production by Gmills


℗ 2022 Thousand Story

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    I wish so much I could take it

    From you

    Don’t want you makin’ my mistakes

    Listen to me


    Don’t want you runnin’ in a circle

    (What would you do?)

    Or just do what you want

    (What would you lose?)


    Bunch of fruits and anime, yuh

    I could give you that all day, yeah

    Try to shoot them at my soul


    If I’m just too mum to say it

    If it’s just too obligated

    It’s not all so complicated


    Oh, I’ll make it better

    Oh-oh I’ll make it better

    Oh, what would you do?
    And what would you lose?